Verizon gives the gift of upgraded wireless service to customers in Kentucky

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New cell sites added in Barbourville, Falmouth, Mt. Eden and Salem, KY delivering reliable 4G and high-performing 5G Ultra Wideband service

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NEW YORK - Verizon recently turned on new cell sites in Barbourville, Falmouth, Mt. Eden and Salem, KY bringing reliable 4G and high-speed 5G Ultra Wideband service to residents and visitors. Whether enjoying connecting with friends and family while on the move, connecting their smart homes through Verizon Home Internet, or using Verizon service for small business or enterprise applications, Verizon customers in these Kentucky towns just got a big boost.

In Barbourville, the upgraded service in rural southeastern Kentucky provides coverage to Elys, Flat Lick and Trosper, covering the area between Barbourville to the northwest and Pineville to the southeast.

In Falmouth, the new site provides additional capacity and coverage along highly traveled State Route 22 east of I-75 between Dry Ridge and Falmouth, Kentucky. Additional areas covered are Goforth, Locust Grove and Williamstown Lake, a popular summer destination.

In Mt. Eden, the new site located on Kentucky State Route 248, about 20 miles southeast of Louisville, provides coverage and capacity to the towns of Taylorsville, and Mt. Eden, as well as Taylorsville Lake State Park, a popular summer weekend and vacation destination.

In Salem, the new site in a rural location in southwestern Kentucky adds capacity and coverage on US60 between Burna and Marion, as well as the towns of Lola, New Salem and along the Cumberland River.

This work is part of Verizon’s massive multi-year network transformation which has not only brought 5G service to more than 230 million people and 5G home internet service to more than 40 million households, but has also added more capabilities, upgraded the technology in the network, paved the way for personalized customer experiences and provided a platform for enterprises and developers to drive innovation.

“Verizon is committed to delivering the most reliable 5G network experience and meeting our customer’s connectivity needs. Our reliable, secure network connects families, friends, homes and businesses in Kentucky with our best-in-class 5G Ultra Wideband network,” said Dean Brauer, VP of Engineering and Operations at Verizon.

Services from the network customers rely on

For customers in these Kentucky communities, the additional coverage and capacity means more customers now have access not only to reliable, fast mobile service, but also Verizon Home Internet service, a different kind of home internet with truly unlimited broadband service and no data caps. It’s ideal for anyone who wants super fast connectivity to stream, game or even work remotely. Verizon Home Internet is reliable and fast enough to power home connected devices: smart TVs, tablets, phones, gaming consoles and more. Go to for availability. For mobility service, visit for the latest 5G phones and accessories.

Additionally, through Verizon Frontline, the advanced network and technology developed over three decades of partnership with first responders to meet their unique and evolving needs, public safety agencies in these areas in Kentucky will also be able to experience the benefits of these network enhancements. To learn more about Verizon Frontline, visit

Area businesses also have access to 5G Business Internet from Verizon. 5G Business Internet is ultra-fast wireless business internet powered by 5G Ultra Wideband. This wireless alternative to cable internet is for businesses of all sizes and includes self-setup or professional installation options, multiple pricing and service options, unlimited data, and a 10-year price guarantee for 5G Business Internet service. To learn more about Verizon 5G Business Internet, visit and plug in an address to see what service is available.

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