Verizon Intelligent Call Back capabilities powered by Mindful now available on CALNET

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SACRAMENTO, CA - Verizon announced today that state agencies in California can now procure Mindful, a customer-led callback scheduling and virtual queue solution, through Verizon’s suite of contact center services, now listed as Voice Call Back (VCB) services in the CALNET DNCS (CALNET NextGen) contract vehicle under Category 27. Verizon partners with Mindful to offer these callback options to alleviate customers waiting on hold, free up infrastructure, and increase customer satisfaction.

“At Verizon Business, our mission is to deliver cutting edge technologies and innovations, helping to empower our public sector partners to better serve their stakeholders and constituents,” said Jay LaValley, senior director for Verizon Public Sector’s west region. “Nobody likes to wait on hold, especially when they’re in need of a critical service.”

“By eliminating unnecessary hold time and repeat calls, even the most complex government call centers can unlock significant cost savings,” said Lee Becker SVP and Executive Advisor at Medallia.

Through the enhanced technologies and capabilities associated with Verizon VCB services, like increased workforce efficiency, improved customer experience and a reduced number of abandoned calls, agencies utilizing Verizon’s service can better serve state constituents through alleviating call center volume and reducing hold times, saving valuable taxpayer dollars and boosting agency efficiency.

For more information on Verizon’s public sector initiatives across California, please visit our website.

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