Verizon Media announces full-funnel DOOH ad suite

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New offering available through Verizon Media’s omnichannel DSP provides all-in-one platform for DOOH forecasting, re-engagement, & first-party measurement

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New York - Verizon Media today announced the launch of their full funnel Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) product suite, providing DOOH advertisers with a one-stop-shop for campaign planning, execution, and measurement, all in a self-serve capacity.

“DOOH marketing investment is expected to increase significantly this year, especially as lockdowns end and immunizations continue to scale,” said Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer, Verizon Media. “With the launch of our full-funnel DOOH suite, we’re giving advertisers and agencies everything they need, in one platform, to be successful. We’re also unifying the planning, buying, and measurement of DOOH with all other omnichannel strategies, so marketers can move from a siloed view of the consumer and their campaigns to a holistic one.”

Marketers want an easier way to manage omnichannel initiatives, with 93% saying they want a single platform for all of their digital advertising. Verizon Media’s full-funnel DOOH suite enables advertisers to plan, deliver and optimize their DOOH strategies alongside the rest of their programmatic buys. Key solutions include:

  • Forecasting: The DSP insights and forecast tool now provides insights on DOOH availability and pricing against DMA, venue types, media owners, and more.
  • First-party Re-engagement: Advertisers can retarget exposed DOOH audiences across all devices to be truly omnichannel.
  • First-party Measurement: Verizon Media Ad Effectiveness studies can prove the impact of campaigns, measuring conversion lift, purchase lift via email receipts, foot traffic lift, and search lift, while linking exposures to Verizon Media’s identity graph of more than 200 billion consent-based consumer touchpoints.

“We’re providing an all-in-one platform for DOOH advertisers to forecast, target, re-engage audiences across screens, and measure success, maximizing media in ways that haven’t been possible before,” added Markman. “We’re excited to take programmatic DOOH to new heights, driving meaningful connections and experiences across users' screens and beyond, especially as pandemic restrictions ease and OOH engagement opportunities grow.”

“Savvy advertisers are increasingly integrating DOOH buys into their omnichannel strategy,” said Ian Dallimore, Vice President of Digital Growth & GM of Programmatic at Lamar Advertising. “Doing so helps brands more effectively engage and connect with their target audiences wherever they are. In fact, our own data finds that DOOH increases reach by as much as 303% when added to a mobile or web campaign while lifting foot traffic by an average of 68% when combined with social messaging. The impact of DOOH exposure as part of an omnichannel approach is undeniable.” 

“Consumer engagement with DOOH ads goes beyond the standard click or tap, making new reporting methods and measurement essential to evaluate ad impact,” said Barry Frey, CEO, DPAA. “Verizon Media is spearheading capabilities and driving growth in the DOOH space by showing advertisers the real-world influence of DOOH campaigns. As the major agency holding companies are predicting double digit growth for OOH for this year, the OOH medium continues to demonstrate exceptionally brand safe, trustworthy environments combined with digital targeting and ROI attribution.”

The new DOOH offering is powered by Verizon Media’s cookie-less identity solution, ConnectID, future-proofing omnichannel addressability and measurement for marketers. Built on first-party data from millions of opted-in users across Verizon Media’s global portfolio of owned and operated brands and products, ConnectID supports advertisers, publishers and consumers as the digital landscape evolves away from cookies as a way to manage and reach audiences online.

Verizon Media has launched its full-funnel suite ahead of OOH Week 2021, a dedicated week designed to celebrate the vast power and potential of OOH. Verizon Media’s Iván Markman will be speaking at OOH Week, sharing his views on how brands can captivate audiences through programmatic digital screens, measurement in the space and how innovations in 5G will drive the future of OOH.

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