Verizon Media will host the 3rd Annual Moloch Conference

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We’re excited to share the 3rd Annual MolochON will be held on October 1st, 2019 in Sunnyvale, California, at the Verizon Media (formerly Yahoo!) Campus.

What’s MolochON?

MolochON is an annual conference hosted by the creators of Moloch.

What’s Moloch?

Moloch is a large scale, open source, indexed packet capture and search system. It’s used within Verizon Media and other companies to help store and index network traffic for analysis. If your company has a network security team as part of your “Blue Team” you’ll want to attend this event. Best of all, attendance is free. Register to attend MolochON.

In addition to networking opportunities with the MolochON crowd, attendees can look forward to presentations from Moloch’s creators and developers. Here’s just a smattering of what we have lined up so far:

  • “Moloch - Recent Changes & Upcoming Features” by Andy Wick, Senior Principal Architect, Verizon Media & Elyse Rinne, Software Development Engineer, Verizon Media

    Since the last MolochON, many new features have been added to Moloch. We will review some of these features and demo how to use them. We will also discuss a few desired upcoming features and talk about the 2.0 release.

  • "Verizon Media Moloch Deployments" by Andy Wick, Senior Principal Architect, Verizon Media

    Learn about how we deploy Moloch at Verizon Media. Get useful information and best practices to get the most out of Moloch.

  • "Let's get WISE 2019!" by Andy Wick, Senior Principal Architect, Verizon Media

    With Intelligence See Everything! Learn how to configure and use WISE to enhance Moloch.

  • "Rotten Pear" by Elyse Rinne, Software Development Engineer, Verizon Media

    Walk through a real life scenario where our security analysts used Moloch to investigate a bad go-pear.phar download. Get an in-depth example of our analysts' workflow and how Moloch can be used to find and examine “badness” on your network.

About the speakers

Andy is the creator of Moloch and former Architect of AOL Instant Messenger. He joined the AOL security team in 2011 and his motto is “the truth is in the packet”. Elyse is the UI and full stack engineer for Moloch. She revamped the UI to be more user-friendly and maintainable. Now that the revamp has been completed, Elyse is working on implementing awesome new features to make Moloch the go-to open source tool for network security professionals!

Do you want to present at MolochON?

We’d love to hear you share with the Moloch community! Submit a talk here and share your knowledge; how you use Moloch, or what other tools and tips you have about packet sniffing. We’re always looking for new ideas and speaking at the event is a great way to join our open source community.

But wait, there’s more! 

After the conference, enjoy our complimentary happy hour where we’ll party like network security professionals and we’ll swap stories about how we catch the bad actors.

Hope to see you there!

Elyse Rinne is a Software Engineer at Verizon Media and an enthusiastic Moloch developer and user.

Click here to register to attend the 3rd annual MolochON on October 1st