Verizon and Nextdoor reveal the state of kindness in America

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Academic study commissioned by Verizon and Nextdoor, led by reveals the states with the kindest neighbors in America

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NEW YORK - How kind are Americans to their neighbors? And what are the kindest acts you can do for your neighbors? Verizon teamed up with Nextdoor and commissioned a new academic study with to expand on research completed last year to see how kindness in America has changed and investigate the ways in which kindness impacts neighborhoods.

The results? Americans are very kind to their neighbors and appreciative of their impact on their lives. They had a ‘kindness quotient’ of 86% – which means that they care about their neighbors 86% as much as they care about themselves. (And they reported that their neighbors had a kindness quotient of 72% to them.) For example:

  • 94% of people say they would return a lost item to a neighbor

  • 61% of people say they would forgive the debt of a neighbor

  • 41% of people say they would adopt the child of a neighbor who passed away

  • The average American would give up $7.60 if that meant a neighbor got $10.

  • Further, when asked what emotion or feeling they associate with their neighbors, respondents' top scoring selections were ‘happy’ (63%) and ‘grateful’ (61%).

The research also found that kindness from neighbors was the best predictor of: individual happiness, satisfaction with one's neighborhood, identification with one’s neighbors, and sense of inclusion with one’s neighborhood.

“We asked 10,000 people, from all 50 states, which kind acts they would do for their neighbors,” said Dr. Oliver Scott Curry, Chief Science Officer for “Overall, our research revealed a surprisingly high capacity for kindness across America. And it shows that kindness is an important part of building better communities.”

All 50 states were very kind, and very similar, but the state with the kindest neighbors overall was Georgia, which made it to the top of the new leaderboard. The top 10 states with the kindest neighbors are:

1. Georgia

2. Tennessee

3. North Carolina

4. Arkansas

5. Utah

6. Louisiana

7. West Virginia

8. Mississippi

9. Texas

10. Nebraska

In September, Verizon and Nextdoor celebrated National Neighbor Day with the release of a study that identified the most impactful acts of kindness you can do for your neighbors. They included:

Top 10 Overall Kindest Acts for Neighbors

  • Pay for a neighbor’s groceries at the supermarket

  • Donate money to a neighbor

  • Donate diapers to a neighbor

  • Buy extra school supplies for a neighbor

  • Remind a neighbor that they matter

  • Accept a neighbor as they are

  • Organize or join local park and beach clean ups

  • Tell a neighbor what a positive difference they made to someone else’s life

  • Mow the lawn for a neighbor

  • Surprise a neighbor with their favorite things

“The results of this research remind us that a simple act of kindness needn’t cost much but can make a huge impact on someone, whether you are at home, at work or in your neighborhood,” said Krista Bourne, chief operating officer of Verizon Consumer Group. “Our #ACallForKindness campaign provides the resources that everyone can use to help make the world a kinder place.”

“From neighbors rallying for one another during Hurricane Ian, to moments of celebration shared through posts and photos, we see the findings of this study brought to life every day,” said Sarah Friar, Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor. “These results bring to light the profound impact we can bring to our neighbors’ lives, as well as our own, through the strength of simple kind acts.”

“We are thrilled to partner with leading companies like Nextdoor and Verizon who are betting big on kindness and working to help communities thrive,” said Jaclyn Lindsey, co-founder and CEO for “This research validates the work being done and shows how we can have an even greater impact in building a kinder world.”

Verizon’s #ACallForKindness campaign inspires kind acts through a multifaceted approach that leverages research, inspires people through art, educates people through kindness experts, and provides opportunities for people to quickly and easily choose kindness, no matter who they are or where they live. Visit to take the kindness pledge and learn how you can choose kindness today.

To learn more about the Nextdoor and Verizon commissioned study with, visit Nextdoor’s Insights Hub at For the latest news and updates, follow NextdoorInstagramFacebookTikTok, and Twitter.

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