Verizon offers unlimited talk/text/data to customers affected by wildfires

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What you need to know:

  • Verizon consumer (prepaid and postpaid) and small business customers in parts of California, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon and Washington who have been most impacted by recent wildfires will receive unlimited calling, texting and data August 3-9, 2022

  • Some Verizon retail store hours may be subject to change due to mandatory evacuation orders. Please check the status and make an appointment at before visiting

  • Verizon Frontline Response Team providing mission-critical 24/7 communications support for first responders fighting wildfires at no cost to public safety agencies

IRVINE, CA - Several wildfires burning in the Western US have grown dramatically in recent weeks due to extreme heat paired with dry and windy conditions. Adding to the threat, dry lightning strikes can accelerate the spread of current fires and start new blazes in this part of the country. As first responders work tirelessly to contain the fires and families are forced to evacuate their homes, Verizon is working to keep everyone connected when it matters most.

Unlimited talk/text/data

For our consumer and small business customers impacted by the wildfires in the west, beginning August 3 through 9, Verizon is providing unlimited calling, texting and data to those customers who reside in areas most impacted by the wildfires. Accounts with billing addresses in the following zip codes are included:


93601, 93623, 93644, 93645, 93669, 95306, 95311, 95318, 95325, 95338, 95345, 96032, 96037, 96038, 96044, 96049, 96050, 96085, 96086, 96097


83235, 83462, 83463, 83465, 83466, 83467, 83468, 83469, 83525, 83671, 83677


59736, 59746, 59761, 59762, 59827, 59828, 59829, 59840, 59841, 59871, 59875


69341, 69352, 69355, 69361


97463, 97492, 97501, 97504, 97530, 97535, 97540, 97544, 97604, 97731, 97733, 97737


98824, 98828, 98934, 98950, 99321

Customers do not have to take any action to take advantage of the offer and can verify eligibility for call/text/data relief by entering their zip code here:

Retail Store Hours

Because the wildfires may affect our normal store hours in certain areas, we recommend shopping and accessing customer assistance online at or by using the MyVerizon app. If you’d rather visit a store, you can find the nearest Verizon location and schedule an appointment by visiting:

Verizon Frontline Support for First Responders

The Verizon Frontline Response Team has deployed to multiple locations across the West to provide the thousands of first responders currently engaged in firefighting efforts with mission-critical communications capabilities.

The Verizon Frontline Response Team provides on-demand, emergency assistance during crisis situations to government agencies, emergency responders, nonprofits and communities on a 24/7 basis. Verizon Frontline Response Team members set up portable cell sites, WiFi hotspots, free charging stations and other Verizon Frontline devices and solutions that enable communications and/or boost network performance.

Here’s a quote you can use from one of our local leaders:

“Wildfires burning across the Western US have devastated thousands of acres of forest land and disrupted the lives of people who live in these areas,” said Steven Keller, consumer vice president for Verizon. “We hope this offer gives our customers some peace of mind so they can focus on more important things during this difficult time.”

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