Verizon Partner Solutions – 2018 Highlights

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Verizon Partner Solutions (VPS) is the global wholesale partner of choice to deliver a better experience on a better network - connecting customers to the digital world. During 2018, VPS worked with customers to deliver connectivity services such as Ethernet, voice and Internet solutions in 2,700 cities across the globe. 2018 highlights include:

Clients and Partners:

Product Enhancements:

During the year, VPS:

  • Launched a new, low-cost Ethernet service in select locations in the U.S.

  • Expanded its U.S. Ethernet locations by 10,000 to 280,000 in total, helping customers to benefit from easy installation coupled with competitive price points.

  • Developed new pricing for Wave and Ethernet services across Europe and North America.

  • Launched Jumbo Frame support for Switched Ethernet customers, enabling large data files to be delivered over the network

  • Developed new pricing for Dedicated Internet, Ethernet, FTTI and Wave services across Europe and North America, including a 10G in 10 days install program

  • Launched a new Burstable PIP service globally, which enables customers to flex data usage up and down according to business needs.

  • Announced that it now supports IoT service delivery for select business cases across the globe. VPS customers can now use VPS platforms and applications to effectively manage IOT devices and the data they produce. VPS also introduced a Big Data Artificial Intelligence platform to help customers gain intelligence from the vast amounts of data produced by IoT devices to drive business efficiencies and identify potential areas of revenue growth. These IoT solutions demonstrate our commitment to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to the wholesale marketplace 

  • Launched a Wireless Backup service, enabling secure backup connectivity for locations across the United States.

Awards and Recognition:

  • VPS’ senior vice president, Eric Cevis, was recognized by Savoy magazine as one of 2018’s most influential blacks in corporate America.

  • Eric Cevis has been named “Global Wholesale Personality of the Year” by Carriers World

  • VPS has been named as “Best Wholesale Operator” by Telecoms World

  • VPS was recognized with “Best Wholesale Sales Team” in Capacity’s Global Carrier Awards

  • Finally, VPS was named as ATLANTIC-ACM’s Global Large Service Provider of the Year for Network Performance, Service Delivery and Sales Reps.

VPS news

  • VPS outlined key takeaways following its annual Partner Summit, including managing increasing bandwidth demands, the importance of the customer experience, and how Verizon is shifting its technology to transform the digital experience.
  • Eric Cevis presented his view on what’s going on in the wholesale world in the Verizon news center, including telecom industry trends and what’s important to his team.
  • VPS outlined key global wholesale market trends in the Verizon news center, including the importance of flexible networks, measuring security effectiveness, the importance of scalability, and customer experience transformation.
  • Eric Cevis looked back at the wholesale world in 2018, and gave his predictions for 2019
  • Thought leadership articles were posted to the VPS content hub on topics including wholesale trends, how to maximize network service, the role of solutions engineers; enterprise trends; data security; IOT; SDN and how VPS is transforming the customer experience.

Thought Leadership

  • Eric Cevis’ keynote speech from the recent MEF18 event was published on the MEF YouTube channel.

  • A video of Eric Cevis’ panel from Capacity Europe event was posted on Capacity’s YouTube channel.

  • Brendan Gunn’s video interview from the recent MEF event has been posted to MEF’s YouTube channel,

  • Dawane Young’s blog on the importance of the network in delivering global IoT went live on the ITW blog site.

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