Verizon statement on FCC's Open Internet NPRM

Today, Verizon released the following statement, attributable to Randal S. Milch, on the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rule Making regarding the Open Internet Order:

"Verizon has long been committed to an open Internet for a simple reason: our customers demand it. This was true before the FCC ever considered putting rules in place, and serving our customers will ensure our commitment to an open Internet regardless of what the FCC does in the future.

"The Internet's remarkable growth and innovation is in part the result of ongoing investment by broadband providers deploying faster, more innovative networks. During the past six years, Verizon alone has invested over $100 billion in deploying its fiber to the home and wireless broadband networks. This investment was encouraged by a bipartisan consensus for light-touch regulation of the Internet that began in the Clinton administration. We look forward to reviewing the FCC’s proposal, and we will be constructively engaged in the months to come. But one thing is clear: For the FCC to impose 1930s utility regulation on the Internet would lead to years of legal and regulatory uncertainty and would jeopardize investment and innovation in broadband. "

Read the full statement here. [PDF]