Verizon’s commitment to the Las Vegas community goes far beyond supporting the Big Game

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From laying out more than 547 miles of fiber across Las Vegas, to extensive work with first responders, businesses and community efforts, Verizon is ready for the Big Game

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NEW YORK - After the bright lights of Allegiant Stadium fade and the millions of football fans depart, the city of Las Vegas will be left stronger than ever before, in large part due to the major commitment by Verizon to ensure the community stays connected and continues to thrive.

The Thriving Las Vegas Business Community

From working with businesses small and large in Las Vegas, to working hand-in-hand with the public safety community, Verizon is committed to the success of the local economy.

Verizon has reached over 1,500 small businesses across the Las Vegas area through the Small Business Digital Ready program – and over 250,000 small businesses across the nation. Community businesses like Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe - an official vendor at this year’s Big Game - have used the free platform to access over 40 online courses, coaching opportunities with industry experts, peer networking events, and more. Additionally, anyone in the Las Vegas area can access Verizon’s robust skill training program, Skill Forward, which, in partnership with edX, offers over 250 tuition-free, technical and professional courses across in-demand industry sectors, with courses available in both English and Spanish.

“Las Vegas is a city and market that is booming from a business perspective, from major professional sports teams calling Vegas home, to the expansion and growth of businesses in both the large enterprise and SMB space,” said Kyle Malady, CEO, Verizon Business. “Today, markets cannot grow to their full potential without a few key things – high performing, reliable and secure connectivity for all businesses and residents, leaders in the community with a vision for technological innovation and the right partner in the community to not just provide the technology and solutions, but to share the vision and make it reality. Verizon’s super power is that we live, work and play in communities like Las Vegas and are deeply committed to prolonged growth and prosperity.”

Verizon Frontline enabling the Public Safety Community

Before, during and after this year’s big game, Verizon Frontline is helping keep first responders connected by working to ensure they have the mission-critical communications assets they need to achieve their mission. At the Big Game, one of the ways this is accomplished is through the Verizon Command Center, which is staffed by technicians and engineers monitoring and managing, around the clock, everywhere the Verizon network touches throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding communities.

Members of the Verizon Frontline team will also staff joint Emergency Operations Centers, sitting side-by-side with federal, state and local agencies to help ensure they have the technology, information and network support they need.

The Verizon Frontline team has been preparing for this year’s game, in close coordination with many of these agencies, for well over two years and is ready to help keep first responders in Las Vegas and Allegiant Stadium connected from the field to the front lines.

Verizon Frontline is the advanced network and technology built for first responders – developed over nearly three decades of partnership with public safety officials and agencies – to meet their unique and evolving needs.

Las Vegas Network Upgrades

Over the last three years, Verizon has invested significantly nearly tripling Las Vegas’ network capacity and readying it for the 40M+ tourists and business travelers who come to the city each year. Verizon has doubled down on its 5G network in Las Vegas, laying out more than 547 miles of fiber across the city - enough for a trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and back again - and lighting up C-band across 52 million square feet in and around casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, the equivalent of more than 900 football fields. Las Vegas residents and visitors can now use a full 160 MHz of spectrum, which allows Verizon to provide greater bandwidth and enable higher data speeds for its customers throughout Las Vegas.

Verizon has added unmatched large capacity connections (mmWave) at the most congested areas in Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street and Allegiant Stadium, as well as additional upgrades in high demand areas such as the Las Vegas Convention Center and Harry Reid International Airport. These are permanent upgrades that will remain a fixture of the Las Vegas network.

At Allegiant Stadium, Verizon is delivering an exceptional network experience so fans can capture and share every Super Bowl LVIII moment. By Super Bowl, Verizon will have deployed approximately 250 5G mmWave radios covering the stadium’s seating areas, back of house, suites, lounges, press box, concourse areas and entry ways, allowing fans to watch game highlights, keep tabs on players’ stats, and use their phones for concession payments with ease.

“At Verizon, we are obsessed with delivering game-changing connectivity and ensuring our customers have a superior network experience,” said Joe Russo, EVP & President, Global Networks & Technology. “These upgrades will provide a reliable, high performing and secure experience for the Super Bowl, offering the best for Las Vegas residents and visitors for years to come.”

Verizon in the Community 

Verizon is proud of its long-standing commitment to the Las Vegas community. With deep relationships with local partners, schools and small businesses, Verizon continues to strive to ensure they can thrive. Across Las Vegas, three Verizon Innovative Learning Schools reach more than 1,800 students and teachers with tablets, laptops, and up to four years of data,

empowering 24/7 learning in and out of the classroom. With Verizon Innovative Learning Labs in these schools, students have access to hands-on learning tools such as VR equipment, 3D printing stations, AR apps and more in a custom-designed, state-of-the-art experiential learning environment.

Verizon will also partner with Goodr, a certified B Corp using technology and logistics to fight hunger and food waste, to bring in its free mobile grocery store. The grocery store will stop at three locations across Las Vegas and provide each resident that visits with more than a week’s worth of groceries - all for free.

The Verizon Innovative Learning program, Small Business Digital Ready, Skill Forward and other long-term initiatives, in Las Vegas and across the country, are part of Citizen Verizon, the company’s responsible business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement. Through Citizen Verizon, the company has a goal to provide 10 million youths with digital skills training, prepare 500,000 individuals for the jobs of the future and provide 1 million small businesses with resources to help them thrive in the digital economy - all by 2030.

To see all of Verizon’s activity around the Las Vegas, visit:

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