VZPulse+, our supercharged survey.

By: Ewa Iwinski

It’s open now through August 10.

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Strong companies take time to step back and evaluate themselves. It’s kind of like doing a self-assessment before your annual performance review. It helps detect more opportunities for doing things better and unlock new ways to grow and prosper. We want to be the best place to work there is, anywhere. And that’s where VZPulse+ comes in.

VZPulse+, our supercharged survey.

VZPulse+ is not our standard Pulse survey. The added “plus” means it’s special.

Here is what you need to know about this survey.

  • It benchmarks us against other leading companies.
  • Its findings will help us shape our strategy and track our progress going forward.
  • It’s short, focused and relevant, yet it generates impactful and actionable insights.
  • It gives managers their specific, aggregated, team results, so teams can build on their strengths and keep doing what they love doing.
  • It’s open now through August 10.

We’re partnering on the survey with Gallup, an industry leader in research and expert in conducting workplace surveys. They do this with other leading companies, and thanks to millions of responses they’ve gotten from around the globe, we can make direct comparisons and tackle any gaps.

Building our future together.

We all define what the best place to work looks like by sharing our feedback and ideas through surveys. It’s so together, we can foster an environment where we all feel valued and supported, and where others aspire to work, contribute and grow. Working at a place where we all belong can feel less like "just a job." And when we feel that our customers, shareholders and the communities we serve benefit too.

Don’t miss it.

A supercharged survey calls for a supercharged participation. Every V Teamer’s input is essential to helping us all shape our future together.

Check your inbox for the email from Gallup. It’s an external message with the [E] in the subject line. You can also access your survey invitation via your “To Dos” on VZWeb or via text messages sent to work devices. The Media team can access the survey via the Gallup tile in Okta. Builders must be logged in to the ANyConnect VPN app. Head to yo/vzpulseplus on The Street for more information.

Be sure to take the survey. It’s all part of how we continue to take Verizon from great to fantastic.

​V Teamers, click here to join the conversation on VZWeb.

About the author:

Ewa Iwinski is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. She supports culture and employee communications for Verizon Consumer Group and Corporate functions. Originally from Poland, she lived in several countries and is currently based in New Jersey. She is an avid traveler and a dark chocolate junkie.

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