BANM Introduces Simplified Wireless Service in New England

BEDMINSTER, NJ — As consumers' communications needs become increasingly complex, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has created a way to keep cellular service pricing simple and save customers up to 35 percent while roaming. With MobileReach USASM, customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire can make cellular local and cellular long distance calls from anywhere within Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's East Coast service area -- known as the MobileReach® network -- to anywhere in the United States for a single per minute airtime rate of $0.49 regardless of the time of day. The new plan is in response to customers' requests for simpler pricing with no additional roaming, long distance, or landline charges.

MobileReach USA leverages the strength of the company's existing MobileReach network, which provides customers with convenient, easy and consistently low-priced access to all the company's markets.

"We are constantly looking for new ways to ensure that our customers have access to the best wireless communications services anytime, anywhere," said Cynthia White, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile. "Until now, customers could not always estimate the costs of using wireless communications services. With our MobileReach USA plan, our customers will be able to better budget their wireless needs by using a simple, straight-forward service that offers both cellular local and cellular long distance service at a set, per minute rate."

MobileReach USA is available in Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's northern New England markets, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The monthly access fee of $49.99 includes 100 minutes for calls placed from within the customers' home market to anywhere in the United States. In addition, the plan features a $0.49 per minute airtime rate for all other calls made from within Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's East Coast service area.

In 1995, the company reduced roaming charges and eliminated daily surcharges with the MobileReach network. Now with MobileReach USA, New England customers can make cellular local or cellular long distance calls from throughout the network (roughly from Maine to northern Virginia) to anywhere in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and U.S. possessions in the Caribbean at a consistent rate of $0.49 per minute.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is the largest wireless service provider on the East Coast and the second largest in the United States. The company offers a full range of wireless personal communications services, including voice, data and paging. Based in Bedminster, N.J., the company has 3.8 million customers and 5,500 employees in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate subsidiary, in the Southwest. The company was formed in July, 1995 through the combination of Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's cellular operations.