Sharing Results in Great Rewards

PHILADELPHIA — Share and share alike. We were taught at a young age that sharing is the right thing to do. If you practiced this adage at a young age, it will prove beneficial to you now, as Bell Atlantic Mobile has introduced a new plan featuring shared wireless calling minutes.

Called DigitalChoice® "Share-A-Minute," Bell Atlantic Mobile's new digital service plan is an economical and flexible plan that allows wireless phone users to activate up to three separate lines and share a large "bank" of minutes every month. The plan allows customers flexibility in how they manage every minute of their allowance as their needs change -- week-to-week or month-to-month.

Share-A-Minute customers may select a two or three line plan. Both plans include 600 local airtime minutes of shared talk time each month, free voice mail, free caller ID and the first incoming minute free. The plans are priced at $75 and $90 respectively.

"You may have found it tough to share your allowance as a kid," said John Stratton, president of Bell Atlantic Mobile's Philadelphia Tri-State Region. "But as an adult, the benefits of sharing will become immediately apparent. By choosing the Share-A-Minute plan, customers have the flexibility of a pool of minutes that can be used by two or three different phone lines," said Stratton.

Small businesses and families -- and others who are likely to have two or three phone lines -- will find Share-A-Minute a smart, economical solution for addressing their wireless phone needs, while managing usage. If a business is utilizing three wireless phone lines, for example, the company principal may be using 400 minutes per month while the other two employees may only need 100 minutes each. Under this plan, our customers are getting 600 minutes to share at only $30 per line. Family members, such as a husband and wife, also will find the same benefits by being able to share minutes with each other.

For more information on DigitalChoice Share-A-Minute, visit a Bell Atlantic Mobile Communications store or call 1-800-255-BELL. Business customers may call 1-800-892-7765.

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