Verizon Wireless Asks Consumers To Test Their Responsible Driving IQ

BEDMINSTER, NJ — Millions of Americans use their wireless phones while driving, so knowing when it is the best time to use a wireless phone in the car is important. Verizon Wireless has made the responsible in-vehicle use of wireless phones a top priority for the company and its customers.

As part of its "Drive responsibly. Call with care." nationwide initiative, Verizon Wireless has created a quiz to help consumers determine if they use their wireless phones responsibly and to illustrate the importance of using hands-free devices while driving:


    1. I'm a traveling salesperson and need to make a lot of phone calls from my car. What should I do to ensure I am driving responsibly? A) Use a hands-free device, which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel while driving. B) Use a regular handset but make sure your eyes stay on the road. C) Pull over to the side of the road to make all calls.

    2. While driving, my wireless phone starts to ring in my briefcase, what do I do? A) Open your briefcase, find your phone and answer the call. B) Pick up your wireless phone and check the caller-ID. C) Let the call go into voicemail.

    3. I'm driving on the highway and see a car accident. What do I do? A) Dial 9-1-1 SEND from your wireless phone. B) Ignore the car accident, figuring help is already on the way. C) Arrive at your final destination and then place the call to 9-1-1.

    4. While driving to the theater, I need to call my friend to let him know I'll be late. What do I do? A) Look up your friend's number in your address book and place the call. B) Scroll through your phone's programmed numbers and place the call. C) Do nothing and show up late.


    1. A. Using a hands-free device to make a brief call is the best way to ensure you are driving responsibly.

    2. C. If you are unable to answer the phone responsibly, let the call go into voicemail. Once you arrive at your final destination, check your voicemail and return the call. If you don't own a hands-free device and you are in standstill traffic, you may answer the phone if it is within reach. Once the traffic breaks, use your judgment on whether to continue with the conversation.

    3. A. Determine whether you can make the call without being distracted. If so, dial 9-1-1 followed by the send button to report an emergency.

    4. B. Memorize your phone's features and keypad. Pre-program important and frequently used numbers into your wireless phone. Keep your wireless calls from the car brief, remembering that your first responsibility is driving.

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