How To Download "Guitar" — The First Single From "Planet Earth," Prince's New Unreleased Album — Free And Exclusively Through V CAST Song ID From Verizon Wireless

Legendary artist and music icon Prince and Verizon Wireless announced they have joined forces to revolutionize the consumer experience of digital music discovery, delivery and download, starting with Prince's new single, "Guitar." Music fans can get the single today — weeks before the highly-anticipated release of "Planet Earth," his new studio album release — when they use Verizon Wireless' free new V CAST Song ID to identify the single.

With Verizon Wireless' exclusive new V CAST Song ID, customers can hear a song, hold the phone toward the music so it can identify the music and purchase a full-track song, Ringtone or Ringback tone — all right over-the-air from their phones. Customers only need a V CAST Music-enabled phone to start identifying songs playing from any music source.

V CAST Song ID is available as a free download initially on select V CAST Music-enabled phones, including Chocolate by LG, The enV by LG, the LG VX8700 and VX9400, MOTORAZR maxx Ve and Samsung SCH-u620.

How to Download V CAST Song ID and Get "Guitar" by Prince for Free Step 1: Download V CAST Song ID for free to your Verizon Wireless phone

Step 2: Visit or licensed sites such as YouTube (, Revver (, Veoh ( and MySpace (

Step 3: Start V CAST Song ID on your phone, select "ID New Song" and then play the interactive video from the hot new Prince single, "Guitar" online with your phone close to the PC speaker to ID it

Step 4: Your phone will now give you information about the song, as well as an option to download it immediately, over-the-air, for free

* Verizon Wireless customers who downloaded the previous version of Song ID to their phones will need to remove that version from their handsets prior to downloading the free upgraded version of V CAST Song ID.

V CAST Song ID Facts

  • V CAST Song ID is the only place to get Prince's new single, "Guitar." V CAST Song ID can also identify more than four million songs from every genre, from the latest chart toppers to '80s rock classics.

  • When mobile music customers have a choice of how to purchase new songs, nearly 95 percent of all full songs they buy are over-the-air, directly to their phones. But some mobile companies don't even offer over-the-air download options.

  • As of May 31, there are more than 1.9 million songs available in the V CAST Music catalog.