Timeline Feature Comes to Verizon Wireless Facebook® Page

Starting today, Verizon Wireless becomes one of the first companies to incorporate the timeline feature into its Facebook® Page. The new design will allow Facebook fans to delve even deeper into Verizon Wireless, learning the company’s history through a Page timeline dating back to its founding on April 3, 2000.

There have been so many advances in smartphones that it might be hard to believe that just a little over a decade ago customers had never seen a color-screen phone or a “cord-free” headset.

These and many other milestones are highlighted in the timeline, including:

  • The first color-screen phone – the Motorola Timeport P8767 (2000)
  • Verizon’s first smartphone – the Kyocera 6035, a Palm OS-based phone/PDA combination device (2001)
  • The first “cord-free” headset – the JABRA FreeSpeak (2001)

Fans also will see a much richer visual display with large, engaging photos and videos.

To celebrate the launch, Verizon Wireless will host a Facebook Photo Contest. As part of the contest, fans can submit photos from their Verizon Wireless devices to be featured on the Verizon Wireless Facebook Page. Thirty photos in all will be selected. Select winners will also receive a 4G LTE tablet. Visit www.facebook.com/verizon for more details.

And while you’re there, let us know what you think of the new Page.

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