Wireless Wedding Bells Ring for Florida Couple

Everyone knows that Verizon Wireless stores are filled with new technology. But what about new-found love, for not-so-new couples?Well, wedding bells are ringing this spring for Boca Raton, Florida, residents Marlene Sude and Dr. Irwin Goldstein, both 78, who first met at the Fort Lauderdale Verizon Wireless store nearly two years ago.

Both longtime Floridians visited the Verizon store at 2501 North Federal Highway to buy new phones. They began chatting and found out they have many things in common, beyond the desire for the latest and greatest wireless technology. 

They were born two weeks apart in New Jersey, worked at the same hospital there, belonged to the same country club in Boca Raton and “crossed paths many times without knowing it until Verizon brought us together,” according to the bride-to-be. “Now I tell all my girlfriends to go to Verizon to find the best deal – and a husband!”

While nearing 80 years old, both are seasoned and active world travelers. Their immediate honeymoon will be in New York City, followed by trips later this year to Ireland and the Amazon. And with them they’ll carry wireless wedding gifts from Verizon, such as an advanced 4G LTE smartphone, tablet or other devices. “We’re very proud to share just a little role in this blissful story,” said Verizon Wireless Florida region president Pam Tope. “Of course, we try to make all of our customers this happy.”