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Home Office Technology Insights for the Entrepreneur

Home offices equipped with the right technology are becoming critical for entrepreneurs’ success, especially as more than half of today’s small businesses operate out of a home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Set up correctly, the ideal home office offers increased flexibility, efficiency and cost savings. As more business activities take place outside the confines of a traditional office, entrepreneurs need the flexibility of mobile technology to keep their businesses growing at home and while out and about.   

One powerful tool that enables entrepreneurs to be productive in their home offices and remotely is a tablet, especially when paired with 4G LTE technology. Tablets offer a large graphics display, which is great for viewing video, swift data speeds and the ability to save, sign and share forms, eliminating the need for printing documents and saving time previously lost on data entry.

A smartphone is often the lifeblood for the home-based business owner. Business productivity apps, such as Evernote, Quickoffice® Pro and Personal Finance, allow entrepreneurs to organize and prioritize tasks, manage digital files and work effectively within a budget, all from their devices. Additionally, they can cultivate new business and customers using a mobile payment system. For example, an entrepreneur who designs jewelry or makes other crafts can make a sale with a credit card while having customers shop at their in-home studio or at a local art show. 

Tablets and smartphones are great home office tools for entrepreneurs, but the glue that holds them together is connectivity on the go. A mobile hotspot allows entrepreneurs to use multiple business and personal Wi-Fi-enabled devices at home on a single data plan, which keeps costs manageable. Plus, the hotspot can be taken on the road to power off-site client meetings or out-of-town business trips. 

Being a small business owner today requires technological savvy. Tablets, smartphones and mobile hotspots are the tools, but the power to connect wirelessly at fast speeds is what helps a small business grow.