Tech 101 for College Freshmen

Today’s college students rely on technology more than ever. Studies show that 70 percent of students take notes with a keyboard and 98 percent who own an e-reader use it to download and read their textbooks. For freshmen starting their college careers, it is essential to have the proper devices to succeed academically, make connections on campus and check in with family.

Video calling lets parents see their child’s face even if they are miles away from home. Apps and services like Skype provide an avenue for parents to spend time with their freshman. Combined with 4G LTE smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE by HTC, parents can expect better connectivity and more time chatting. 

When it comes time for schoolwork, the touch-screen display and improved screen technology on tablets allows students to type, view notes and read e-textbooks outside or under the fluorescent lights of a classroom. E-reader apps like Kindle for Android have classic literature and new titles available for download, lightening the load to haul around campus and possibly saving a few dollars in the process. Students with Android tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, can use the Polaris Office app to create and edit Microsoft Office documents.

The QuickOffice Pro HD app means students can properly format documents directly on the tablet. For students who prefer typing on a traditional keyboard, a light and compact docking port enables students write papers on their device and type while using a physical keyboard.

And for students who have multiple devices or want to share connectivity with friends or roommates, a 4G LTE mobile hotspot might be perfect solution. Some mobile hotspots, such as the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 4620L, provide 4G LTE connectivity for up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices so you and your dorm pals can have a shareable Wi-Fi signal wherever needed, turning the dining hall or quad into an impromptu study space.

In a college environment where technology enables learning from nearly anywhere, investing in the right technology is a commitment to ongoing success for any student returning to campus.