Getting Involved: Two Screens, One Show

According to Nielsen, almost 90 percent of tablet and smartphone customers use their devices at least once a day while watching TV, often using it as a second screen. The so-called “second screen” trend refers to people viewing related programming on two screens simultaneously – their mobile device screen and their TV screen.

While watching TV, most second screen viewers access related online content and interact with friends via social network sites to discuss shows. TV networks and shows are now tapping these viewers to increase interaction by offering exclusive content or incentives.

Shows like The X Factor encourage people to participate by voting for their favorite contestants via text message or with an app. On The X Factor Live, users can earn rewards, vote, engage in real time chats with other users and view performance recaps.

Some apps are not directly affiliated with a network or specific show but give TV watchers additional ways to use their second screen. Viggle encourages users to “check in” to TV shows to earn points, which can be turned in for actual prizes. IntoNow can identify who is watching which shows and notify other app users, making the TV experience more social.

With Fall TV premieres just around the corner, second screen apps are a great way to learn a little more about new shows, catch up with your favorites and share the experience with friends and viewers.