The Connected Future

As the world becomes even more connected, 4G LTE technology is changing a variety of industries. From smart cars to augmented reality, today’s innovations are building the future.

The dream of a truly smart and connected car is on the verge of becoming a reality. The Verizon Innovation Program has been researching telematics for next-generation connected car services. Intended to be used for safety, security, convenience and infotainment, they will soon be the standard of the automotive industry. Some examples of connected car features include the ability to stream content from home computers, rear seat infotainment management, video chatting, real-time diagnostics and more.

Connectivity over 4G LTE also has the ability to transform retail shopping, bridging the gap between the in-store experience and online ordering. For example, TelePresence Tech 4G Kiosks create interactive shopping experiences, offering a virtual personal stylist, access to a store’s full line of products and near field communication (NFC) technology for coupon redemption. Linking these consumer-driven improvements into one solution helps retailers better market their wares.

The mobile entertainment industry has just begun to see the benefits of ultra-fast network technology as well, including designing games that enable real-time, multiplayer situations. The technology gives writers and producers the option to experiment with augmented reality, allowing the world to become a live backdrop on mobile devices, opening up the kinds of scenes and scenarios that move any story along. 

4G LTE is the bridge from concept to reality for today’s businesses and will soon redefine how we experience our day-to-day lives.