Watch Election 2012 Unfold on Your Smartphone

Campaign season is in full swing and with Election Day less than a month away, many people are taking every chance they can to stay up to date on the latest political news, campaign promises and poll results.

In today’s 24/7 news cycle, information can come at anytime. With that in mind, your smartphone or tablet can be a great tool to stay educated on the issues important to you.

Consider the PolitiFact App. This app examines statements and promises made by presidential candidates and gives results using its Truth O-Meter and its Truth Index.

Just about every major news organization has its own app to share information from their publication or station. The New York Times has its 2012 Election App that includes news, opinion, and polls. It also will include live election night results. Cable news giants CNN and Fox News have apps that allow you to search for news by topic, including news on politics and the election.
For those interested in more than the Presidential election, the Congress in Your Pocket app is another source for information. The app contains biographical and contact information on every member of Congress, as well as information on their legislative activity and social media channels. 

So with today’s mobile lifestyle, missing the evening news doesn’t mean you have to be left out of the political discussion. With your smartphone in hand, the latest news is only a few taps away.