Going Green Helps Small Businesses Save Costs

According to the Office Depot Small Business Index, more than 60 percent of small businesses are actively trying to go green, while 70 percent anticipate adopting more environmentally conscious practices over the next two years. Going green isn’t just good for the environment, it also makes good business sense. Even if being environmentally friendly isn’t your top business objective, adopting green practices can be a great way to stay under budget.

An easy way for a small business to reduce their costs is to reduce the amount of paper they use at home or in the office. Scan important papers and move basic operations such as document management and accounting to the cloud. Using cloud-based services for email, data backup and more can also cut down on the costs of servers and power consumption. Affordable tools like Microsoft Office 365 allow customers to access email and documents from their smartphone or tablet for just $6 a month, helping small businesses to stay paper-free, while being productive on the go.

Daily commuting and business trips can consume significant amounts of energy, time and money. Cut down on gas expenses and air pollution by encouraging employees to use alternate modes of travel such as trains and bikes when possible. For business meetings and conferences, video calling technology is a valuable and efficient way to eliminate the costs of travel while cultivating collaboration and green living among employees, customers and partners.

For more tips, USA Today offers more ways for smart small businesses to go green in the office and keep more green in your wallet.