Enhancing the Mobile Video Experience

When it comes to watching movies and videos, a television is no longer the only option. More people are opting to watch their favorite shows or movies from just about anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Recent reports examine this phenomenon with one takeaway: mobile viewing is here to stay.

Nowadays, fans of mobile viewing can stream high-definition content, from full-length television shows to movies on smartphones and tablets. With the help of Verizon Wireless’ high-speed 4G LTE network, Comcast is now making it possible to download high-quality programs onto a mobile device to enjoy at the auto repair shop, or waiting for a flight at the airport via a new feature on its free Xfinity TV Player app.

Xfinity TV customers who subscribe to SHOWTIME, STARZ, ENCORE or MOVIEPLEX can now download thousands of hit series and movies straight to their Android or iOS smartphones or tablets to watch anytime, even while offline. Comcast plans to add more downloadable choices from additional programming partners in the coming months.

The app gives viewers the option to select from a higher quality, large download file or a medium-quality, smaller download file. The quality of the video impacts the amount of data used, so viewers should be sure to check their data plan to see what option works best for them. For example, a 30-minute high-quality resolution show would use about 650 MB of data; a medium-quality resolution show would use 190 MB of data.

As mobile video continues to grow in the coming year, customers will have more options to experience movies and TV no matter where they are.