Mobile Lifestyle — It's What People Are Talking About Online

Last year, there were more than 256 million online conversations about mobile lifestyle, according to research by Verizon Wireless and WCG. That’s almost 500 conversations every minute of every day throughout the year.

What is mobile lifestyle? It’s not just smartphones and tablets. The mobile lifestyle encompasses all the activities that take place on the go. It’s how your device allows you to share information with friends, shop online, plan a vacation or listen to music.

In today’s world, the mobile lifestyle expands every day, and the conversations of 2012 provide great insight into what topics and trends are expected to dominate in 2013.

A quick look at the research shows a few easy to-spot trends.

First, social networking is huge. Nearly one-third of all mobile lifestyle conversations in 2012 focused on social networking, ranging from sharing photos, commenting on Facebook and Twitter posts, to checking in at a location with Foursquare. The pace of social networking conversations grew faster than any other topic and it’s likely that will continue in 2013.

Not surprisingly, people are using their smartphones and tablets, to discuss their mobile lifestyles. Fifty-four percent of Facebook’s 1.2 billion users access the site from a mobile device, Instagram averages 45 million monthly mobile users; 60 percent of Twitter’s U.S. users now access the site via a mobile device, and Foursquare has grown to 25 million users in only four short years.

Mobile shopping was another area that saw significant growth in 2012, driven by people discussing upcoming product announcements and seeking information about potential purchases.

Want to know more about what people are talking about online and what it means for 2013? All of the details are below.

Verizon Wireless Mobile Lifestyle Infographic from vzwnewscenterslide