Console-Quality Gaming Experiences on Your Smartphone

The leftover wrapping paper has barely been cleaned up and already we're heading into the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Gamers received new mobile devices and tablets over the holidays and have been populating them with the hottest games to play on the road, on the train, or wherever they may be.

The ease of access and quality of mobile games has expanded options for serious and casual gamers. Currently, 53 percent of smartphone users play one daily.

But what about gamers who want to have a true console-quality gaming experience on a mobile device? While speedy processors, vibrant screens and great game selection are helping to keep mobile gaming growing, the absence of a precision controller can sometimes limit players.

This year at 2013 CES, PowerA will show how MOGA’s precision control can change that for mobile gamers using Android-based devices. PowerA will unveil new ways to use the MOGA Mobile Gaming System with smartphones, tablets and digital big screens. With MOGA-enhanced games and a precision controller, gamers will be able to pull off circle strafes and pinpoint movements without even getting a smudge on their touch screens.

Find out more about Verizon at CES. MOGA is available at select Verizon Wireless stores and online now.