Bringing the Physical and Mobile Worlds Together for Retailers

What was inconceivable 20 years ago and unbelievable only a decade ago is about to become routine tomorrow. Consumers will soon be able to take control of almost everything they see and hear and the world around them will literally leap to life using new technology called iD.

iD is a technology platform owned by Nantworks that connects the physical and digital worlds using visual and audio recognition. The iD app is a sensory browser that recognizes images, objects, faces, videos, music and more via the camera or viewfinder in any wireless or other handheld device. This recognition immediately provides the user with a more enriching experience on their device based on whatever they are 'iD'ing', such as money-off coupons, additional content, product information, augmented reality and more.

Working together, iD and Verizon will influence the world around us, empowering consumers by changing the way people can interact with businesses and brands, and brands can interact with customers. In a world where a person’s wireless device is fast becoming much more than just a phone, the convergence of device, application and technology between iD and Verizon means your phone will be able to connect users to the physical, tangible world, accessing information that is of interest to them as they engage with the real world.

When downloaded, the iD app uses the camera’s viewfinder, and when a photo of something that has been iD activated is taken, the app ‘iD’s’ it and unlocks experiences on your phone that you never thought possible. 

This new application will give consumers more power than ever before. The iD experience is simple and convenient, and can provide unprecedented access to content, coupons and information to maximize experiences for the consumer and help them make more informed and educated decisions in all facets of life.

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