The School of Tomorrow Is Happening Today

Modern technology is transforming education for students. Both in and out of the classroom, learning with the help of mobile devices and digital media is more engaging, interactive and personalized than ever before.

The benefits of tablets for educational purposes are being uncovered. More than half of children ages five to eight, including those with special needs, use tablets to play or learn. Tablets are also becoming essential to developing countries where there are a limited amount of teachers and little access to textbooks.  

Beyond mobile devices, higher education is seeing a dramatic change in the availability of free and open source technology. Services like these are one of the biggest innovations education has seen, democratizing the learning process. Top colleges are developing programs like edX, giving thousands around the globe access to free online courses and budget-conscious students are turning to start-ups like Boundless to access free digital textbooks.

Education has also been going through a gamification. Earlier this year, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation launched the Games, Learning and Assessment (GLASS) Lab to research and develop digital games and their effect on learning. Interactive games like ClassDojo are changing the way students learn and teachers manage and behavior.

No one can predict which trends will have the greatest implications for future learning, but one thing is for sure in the coming years - technology will continue to revolutionize education.

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