Animal Rescue Organization Utilizes Mobile Payments to Keep Business Thriving

As a volunteer for Cat Tales, Inc., Jeff Dodd helps cats that have been abused and abandoned find permanent homes in the Philadelphia region. The non-profit animal rescue organization provides medical attention, food and shelter before pairing cats with adoptive families.

When an adoption is confirmed, the cat’s new family pays a fee, which acts as a donation to the organization to support its important work. While Cat Tales, Inc. grants temporary shelter to displaced cats, the organization does not have a traditional storefront instead the organization houses the cats at various locations and transports them to adoption events. A lack of a permanent location to run a business makes receiving contributions a challenge in a world where more people are using credit and debit cards.

Cat Tales, Inc. recently began using Intuit GoPayment, a mobile payment application that allows the shelter to quickly accept electronic donations from a smartphone or tablet. In an organization run by volunteers, that convenience allows workers to quickly accept donations in many locations.  

“The GoPayment technology has allowed Cat Tales to branch out and makes it easier to run our business,” said Jeff, adding that the security and simplicity of GoPayment made the adoption process run more smoothly for volunteers and customers.