Turning Any Home into a "Smart Home"

Wireless technology and innovation have made state of the art smart homes a reality. Even better, a smart home doesn’t need to be new construction or come with a high price tag. The ability to remotely control your lights, adjust your thermostat, and monitor your home is easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone or tablet through smart accessories.  

Iris Smart Home System from Lowe’s is a quick way to upgrade any house, condo or apartment to a smart home. Whether you want to monitor the security of your home while you are away or remotely control your lights and energy usage, Iris is a multifaceted system that can be customized to monitor several items in your home. It can be purchased at Lowes.com/iris or at select Verizon Wireless locations. All that’s needed is an always-on home broadband connection such as HomeFusion Broadband, cable, Verizon FiOS or DSL. 

Another option to monitor what’s happening at home while you are away, or simply see what’s going on in another room, is the Belkin Net Cam Wi-Fi Camera. It sends high quality images and sound to your mobile iOS or Android device with just a Wi-Fi Internet connection and the free NetCam app.

Belkin’s WeMo Switch gives you the ability to turn on or off any home or officeelectronics remotely so you can turn on a lamp from the other room or from another town. The WeMo Switch works over Wi-Fi on any iOS 5 or higher device through a free app.

Will you, or have you, added any smart accessories into your home? Let us know at @VZWnews.