Celebrate the "Festival of Colors" on a Smartphone

Here in the United States, blooming flowers, April showers and the start of the baseball season are normally associated with the beginning of spring. However, in India - and for many Indians around the world - spring is greeted with a Hindu festival called Holi, which falls on March 27 this year. Also known as the “Festival of Colors,” Holi celebrates renewal and creation through music, dance and many other lively activities. 

One of the most exciting of these traditions is the throwing of colored powder and scented water on others. During these celebrations, revelers are drenched in water and covered in a canvas of colors, which signifies the passing of winter and the glory of spring. However, if you prefer to stay dry and tidy this Holi but still want to join in on the fun, there are free apps that allow users to do everything from sending Holi greetings to playing Holi songs straight from a device. 

Some of the most popular Holi apps are live wallpapers, such as Happy Holi Live Wallpaper and Holi Wallpapers, which decorate a smartphone screen with a variety of colorful and interactive holiday designs. For music that goes along with Holi-themed wallpaper, Holi Songs or Best Holi Party Songs offer a great selection of popular Holi tunes from hit Bollywood movies.

To share the wonder of the festival with friends and family, apps like Holi SMS and Holi SMS & Wishes provide the option to send text greetings in English or Hindi. For a little bit of everything, Happy Holi offers wallpapers, songs and greetings. In addition to apps, there are smartphone covers and cases that come in traditional Holi colors like red, pink, blue and green.

With these vibrant apps and accessories, every day is a Holi-day.