Sweet Smartphone Apps for Surfers

Surf’s always up somewhere. When you head out, don’t forget the three S’s ― surfboard, sunscreen and smartphone. Use your smartphone to monitor tide status and weather conditions, check out wave patterns, and view your favorite breaks on live high-definition webcams. Here are some apps that can help you take off.

For those who need to see it to believe it, Surfline offers live streaming high-definition cameras at more than 100 breaks across the country so you can scope out the waves before leaving home. The app also lets you check multi-day forecasts, surf height graphs, surf and wind graphs, and regional charts.

Let iSurfer - Surfing Coach be your virtual wave whisperer. Whether you’re a grom or a grey who hits the beach daily, this app can help you take your skills to the next level. Get a handle on surfing lingo, read up on safety tips, and watch step-by-step surf move instructions. Plus, use the surf log function to track your progress on new moves, take note of surfing competition results, and evaluate board performance.

Whether you’re staying local or traveling to catch the waves, NOAA Ocean Buoys lets you check current ocean conditions around the world with access to more than 250 buoys. See if a swell is hitting your surfing destination or if the winds have switched offshore.

No matter your skill level, your smartphone can help make the most of your time on your board.