BioBlitz Student Scientists Connect to the Natural World

Student scientists had just announced the results of their 24-hour species inventory, having identified 489 plant and animal species when a bald eagle flew overhead and pushed their true total to 490. The flyover was the perfect symbolic ending to the 2012 BioBlitz in Estes Park, Colo., eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

BioBlitz is an annual gathering of students, teachers and scientists to take inventory of a unique ecosystem and learn what it takes for good environmental stewardship. Students and teachers used 4G LTE smartphones and Jetpacks to record and share their observations wirelessly in real time with experts.

Through a grant from Verizon, which supports educational programs at BioBlitz, resources created from BioBlitz will be available on the Verizon website. Students, parents and educators can access free content on the website across all subject areas from leading institutions, including National Geographic.

Through events like BioBlitz, technology promotes a deeper appreciation and understanding of the natural world.