News is Now as Mobile as You Are

News consumption via mobile and social media is growing, with 39 percent of readers now saying they get their news online, an increase of six percent since 2010.

To be where their readers are, many news outlets are taking their publications online with free apps for mobile devices and e-readers. Many apps complement the straight news delivery, and make consuming news on the go easier. Pocket, a free news app that links to smartphones and tablets for easy online news archiving, makes it simple to save an interesting article or video. And, to receive customized news without browsing several apps at a time, Zite evaluates news stories, generates a customized news feed then sends the articles directly to a device.

For those accustomed to flipping through one magazine or newspaper at a time, readers can tailor their options by creating personalized, digital magazines. Apps like Flipboard aggregate content from preferred news sources into one online publication. Users can select their preferred news topics from social sites like Twitter, news websites and magazines. Flipboard takes those preferences and creates a customized news site. The app also allows for social interaction with other publishers, as readers can subscribe to other magazines and comment on content.