Everyday Smart Tools

Smartphone technology has revolutionized the way people communicate, and this same technology is now enabling “smart tools” to monitor everyday necessities.

Studies have shown that eating quickly results in consuming more calories and can lead to digestive problems. To help curb eating too fast, developers created HAPIfork, which vibrates to remind users to slow down if they are eating too quickly and also monitors the amount of food being consumed. The data can then be uploaded to the HAPILABS app to track eating habits, allowing the user to make adjustments to help improve their overall health. To further help track health, the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures weight, body fat percentage and body mass index to provide a weight trend report. The scale helps set goals and track weight loss progress.

In addition to physical health, dental health is equally important. Users can improve daily teeth cleaning habits with the Bluetooth-enabled Beam Brush and the Beam Brush app. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes, twice a day; however, many people do not follow this guideline. To help users reach the two minute mark, Beam Brush comes with a timer that buzzes after two minutes and also wirelessly syncs with the app to track brushing time and frequency.

Smartphone monitoring solutions can also assist in daily home chores and responsibilities. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets parents watch their baby’s behavior through high-resolution video from a smartphone, while also talking to the baby and monitoring noise, motion and room temperature. For those looking to cook smart, the iDevices iGrill is an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer that provides the ability to monitor food from up to 200 feet away, and sends an alert when meat is cooked and ready to eat.

Developers and inventors have only just begun to tap the limitless potential of smart tools to improve everyday life.