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Never Stop Learning

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Buying a first house, starting a family and graduating from college are all among life’s memorable milestones. But doing all of the above at the same time may strain even the best of family finances.

Just ask Jason.

Retail Sales Manager Jason Staples from Verizon’s Aspen Grove store near Denver has always been a man with a plan. He figured out a way to get the degree ― without the debt.

As a retail sales representative, Jason enrolled in the University of Phoenix Bachelor’s degree program in 2008. While maintaining a full work schedule, he completed all course work and recently earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration. “The $33,000 I received in tuition assistance enhanced my professional development and led to more management opportunities,” Jason said. “I would not have been able to earn my college degree without Verizon’s Tuition Assistance program. “

A recent Benefits USA survey found that nearly 85 percent of large U.S. companies offer a range of tuition reimbursement options to their employees. LearningLINK, the Verizon Wireless tuition assistance program, offers up to $8,000 a year for full-time employees and $4,000 for part time ― at the high end of the industry range ― in tuition assistance. The benefit can be applied to Associate’s, Bachelor’s and MBA degrees through many colleges and universities across the country. 

“A college degree is the only benefit that will truly last you a lifetime,” said Jason.