Raising the Tech Leaders of Tomorrow

Today’s children are more technologically savvy than any generation before them. Kids are developing an interest in science and technology at an early age, and summer break provides a key opportunity for parents to foster this interest and curiosity.

While schools across the country offer STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs during the school year to inspire a student’s interest in these subjects, STEM Summer Camps provide continuing education when school isn’t in session. Discovery recently launched Discovery Education STEM Camp, a program that provides free resources to schools and non-profits to help students connect the dots between learning and life.

Children are intrigued with how things work. LightUp magnetic building blocks turn this interest into an educational experience. These interactive building blocks and the accompanying LightUp App allow kids to build real, working electrical projects such as a night light or a remote control. 

Programming is a skill expected to be in high-demand in the job market of the future, yet only two percent of students currently study it at school. Start the learning process at home at an early age with apps that make learning programming fun like Kodable and Hopscotch. Older aspiring programmers can sign up for a free online course such as Codeacademy, to build their own apps, games and websites by the time September rolls around.

Channeling kids’ interests in technology into skills not only better prepares them for school in the fall, but trains the technology leaders who will be answering the powerful questions of the future.