Set Your Summer TV Queue

Many primetime shows are off the air for the summer and some viewers might be struggling with where to find compelling, or at least entertaining, shows to watch. Luckily, re-runs of old favorites and new discoveries are easy to find through streaming video services.

Even with the summer hiatus, options abound for TV entertainment through streaming services like Crackle, Netflix and Hulu. Crackle offers free viewing of TV favorites ranging from “Seinfeld,” to “All in the Family” to “the Three Stooges.”

Subscription-based Amazon Prime has additional options, in cult favorite “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Gilligan’s Island.” And users get a second chance to watch current TV series that they missed during the fall or spring.

And, for fans that follow multiple streaming platforms, there’s the Viewdini app that allows users to check a variety of services in one place.

Streaming platforms are also creating their own original content available. These aren’t just “webisodes” or Web series; Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are producing primetime-quality shows with real star power. Netflix’s popular series “House of Cards” boasts a well-known cast that includes Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and is earning Emmy buzz. Amazon recently announced five new original series, including comedies, dramas and children’s programs.

The model of full season availability changes the consumption of TV, leading to “binge watching” or “marathoning.” This trend, around since the time of VHS, exploded, is impacting the way shows are created. In fact, 88 percent of people want to watch more than one episode at a time of their favorite shows. With a summer free of primetime network programming and the teens and kids out from school, many may use streaming services to for their TV marathon.

The way audiences watch TV is changing, and the summer is the perfect time to explore new options in entertainment.