The Scoop on the BlackBerry Hub

Life can be complicated; a smartphone doesn’t need to be, especially since today’s smartphones are optimized for communicating easily and efficiently.

Featured on the new BlackBerry Q10, the BlackBerry Hub allows users to keep all their conversations organized in one central location. It takes just one swipe to respond to an email, compose a tweet or BBM a friend.

As the center of the device’s communication, BlackBerry Hub users can send and reply to messages using keyboard shortcuts such as pressing C to compose and R to reply. The tool also displays calls made and received, upcoming events and meetings, and new text and PIN messages. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter fans can stay on top of their social channels by adding them to the Hub under the device settings.

To access the BlackBerry Hub, just start from the bottom of the screen and slide a finger up and to the right. Upcoming events can be checked by slowly dragging a finger down the screen from the top and notifications displayed by sliding a finger from left to right.  

With the BlackBerry Hub, everything important is in one place.