Social Media Connections Spark Creative Collaborations

It all began with an image posted on Reddit of an unlikely friendship between a raccoon and a squirrel. Next came an equally unlikely collaboration between two strangers, which led to a Kickstarter campaign that made the inspiration of two online friends of publishing a book about the adorable animal duo a reality.

This is not the first instance of collaborative creation resulting from social media connections. Strangers who had very little in common - aside from their interest in writing - joined together on Google+ to publish a novel that grew out of a series of short stories.

Geography, language and culture pose fewer boundaries to creating art in today’s digital age. When working with UNICEF to raise awareness and help children around the world, Icelandic artist Ingvar Bjorn Thorsteinsson set out to create “The Largest Artwork in the World,” by asking people to contribute their own unique digital brushstroke to the painting through a Facebook app. 

The ability to connect with people and advance a cause with a few taps on your smartphone is one of the tremendous benefits of social media. Whether trying to locate a runaway pet, a long-lost family member or even a beloved toy bunny, the possibility of finding the answer or item is exponentially larger when tapping social media platforms, and the group efforts they enable and encourage. Friends of friends of friends share pictures or information through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on their mobile devices, quickly expanding the social graph and the number of eyes seeing the information. Countless happy endings come about as a result of people who’ve never met face to face.