Get Smart on New Education Standards

Ready or not, Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are coming – and will bring a new set of standards for math and language arts to schools in 46 states across the country. The goal is to get America’s students on the same learning track to prepare them for college and future careers. By the 2014-15 school year, assessment tools will be in full swing, which means now is the time to get smart on the changes as they make their way into your school district. 

Adopting the new CCSS can help weed out irrelevant, out-dated resources. However, change can be overwhelming, especially when it may require new teaching methods or different expectations for students. Fortunately, mobile technology offers a valuable extra hand in the quest to establish consistent standards for American classrooms. 

Hundreds of apps are available for education, but using apps that were created specifically to align with the CCSS is a great starting point to understand what students are expected to learn. Teachers and parents can use tools like the Common Core app to access standards and be confident that their school’s curriculum is transparent and meets the new standards. Apps such as STAAR K-6 and STAAR 6-12 are great resources that provide teaching strategies and activities to best utilize new teaching content. These and others, like 7 Must Know Skill Apps, can be accessed easily from a smartphone, tablet or laptop both inside the classroom and at home.  

With the help of technology, teachers and parents can better understand the new standards and give students the support they need to succeed on their next big exam.