Tech Tools for Today's College Students

College and technology go hand-in-hand. It’s no longer just a phone and computer that students pack up to bring to college; now there’s a whole list of technological tools and gadgets for students.

From the lecture hall, to the dorm room, to the fitness center, wireless devices and smart accessories can help students make the most of their time at college.

One smart accessory growing in popular among college students is a noise-cancelling headset. Perfect for studying or trying to sleep in a noisy dorm, earphones such as Beats by Dr. Dre or Bose noise-cancelling headphones are great for staying focused at school.

For students who use a tablet in class, a keyboard tablet case, such as one from Zagg, can help them take detailed, organized notes. Light and easily transportable, keyboard cases make typing easy for students who prefer a traditional keyboard. And to ensure their tablet doesn’t run out of battery power during a lengthy lecture, students can bring along a wireless charging pad for peace of mind.

Memorable times with friends outside of the classroom are also a great part of the college experience, and the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy Camera can help capture those special moments in pictures or video. Plus, its photo sharing portal provides students with access to Facebook, Instagram, photo-editing tools, email and more right on the screen to include friends back home in the fun.

When it comes time for a bit of exercise to run off the frustration of a challenging class, or simply to stay in shape, a smart accessory such as the FitBit activity tracker can help students monitor their daily exercise routine to help them stave off the freshman 15.

Technology is an integral part of life, especially for a college student. Before leaving for the year, don’t forget to help ensure a successful year by packing technology tools to help students tackle whatever challenges they may encounter.