Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

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One of the biggest challenges parents face during the summer is finding ways to keep their children’s minds engaged. According to the National Summer Learning Association, the reading skills of students who don’t participate in educational activities over the summer can slip, and students could lose up to two months of grade-level equivalency in math as well.

Mobile solutions are making it easier than ever to prevent stagnation by providing kids and parents with the tools that encourage learning and make it fun throughout the summer.

Children entering organized preschool often struggle with adjusting to a set structure. Implementing story time can be an easy way to establish a routine. Load some of their favorite audio books on a tablet and set a schedule for them to listen to stories. There are plenty of interactive apps like Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime, Baby Finger and Funny Animals to spark their interest in learning.

Summer trips and family vacations are great opportunities for kids in elementary school to practice their writing skills by creating a journal about their adventures. Step Journal offers a solution that lets kids save entries and organize their photos. Encourage kids to take pictures of animals they see and use app resources like iTrack Wildlife during outdoors trips to inspire scientific exploratory learning.

As kids reach middle school age, technology becomes more integrated into their lives, and finding the right balance between fun and learning is critical in maintaining focus and development. DragonBox teaches kids algebra through a game that allows them to learn the tricky subject through a gradual introduction of new rules and concepts. Users can see improvement in math skills after just two hours of playtime. 

There are also affordable programs like StudyBlue, which provides an online social study platform with learning materials matched specifically to the skillset required at the beginning of a middle schooler’s school year. Social elements allow students to connect with others their age to collaborate and work together.

Taking small steps like these to maintain your child’s focus and skillset can greatly enhance their ability to take on the next stage of their education when summer time gives way to the next school year.

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