Moving Back In: How to Survive Living with Your Parents (Again)

According to Pew Research, more millennials are deciding to move back home with mom and dad. With the right mindset, this transition can be a valuable experience as you embark on your first job search or until you have tucked away enough money to be financially independent.  

If you are amongst this group of young adults enjoying home-cooked meals and other household comforts, sharing your technology know-how with your family is a way to make your living arrangement a win-win for everyone.

Set up a professional home office with your laptop computer or tablet where you can spend time job searching and your parents can pay house bills. Show them bill organizing apps like Manilla or BillMinder that can help create a monthly budget and identify where your family can cut back on spending. Seize this time as an opportunity to prepare for managing your own financial responsibilities later on. 

Apps can also help you do your part when it comes to chores. Be helpful and use apps like HomeRoutines to remind you to change the house’s smoke detectors or take out the recycling. If you have younger siblings, get your parents interested in the iRewardchart app to help motivate the kids to sign up for chores. Also, recommend apps that allow you to track house necessities as they run out and locate coupons as a way to keep weekly grocery needs and budget in check.

In addition to showing them useful apps, outfit your parents with gadgets for the home. For example, show them how to watch their favorite movies and shows on their wireless devices using  Belkin @ TV Plus and get them smart on the benefits of using mobile home energy management tools such as the NEST Thermostat. The solution will learn a homeowner’s schedule through basic questions and programs itself based on temperatures selected at different points throughout the day. Not only can the thermostat enable family members to tweak temperatures while in bed, on the go or away on vacation, it can also help save money in the long run.

You can also introduce your parents to the key features and capabilities of their smartphones and tablets that they might not know about, such as how to turn their phone into a mobile hotspot to stay connected if electricity goes out during a storm.

Use your tech-savvy millennial label to show your parents mobile techniques they wouldn’t know otherwise and inspire them to be self-sufficient in their technology use for when you do move out.