Get the Edge: Tips for Successful Career Networking With Technology

According to a recent story in The New York Times, many job seekers complain that their resumes vanish into a black hole after they apply for a position. The current unemployment rate for new college graduates is about 8 percent, and that number climbs to almost 20 percent for high school graduates.

In this competitive job market, candidates are seeking ways to gain an edge to help them stand out among peers and land a position that will advance their career goals.

Tamryn Hennessy, national director of career development at Rasmussen College, shares three tips for making a lasting impression with potential employers.

  • Create a HR-friendly resume – According to a recent study, HR professionals scan a resume in six seconds to determine if a candidate is the right fit for their companies. Information on a resume needs to be prioritized and well written.
  • Network online effectively – An online presence is just as important as a resume when entering today’s job market. LinkedIn profiles should be well written and reflect the desired position’s requirements. Candidates will want to make sure social media profiles are private or reflect a professional style.
  • Attend career expos and networking events – Get front and center with hiring decision makers through career and networking expos. Most events offer sessions for resume reviews, mock interviews and panel discussions with top employers. Websites like provide state-by-state databases of career expos and networking groups.

There are also opportunities to advance a career search through smartphones and tablets by adding helpful mobile apps. An essential app for real-time networking is LinkedIn. Gain access to company profiles, recruiters’ bios and personal pages for updates and to enhance networking while attending events and expos. The Job Search by TheLadders app delivers job openings based on a user’s profile, gauges competition with other candidates and contacts HR managers directly.

Learn more ways in which mobile devices can help job seekers master the search.