Fall Into Food Canning

Fall is in the air and so are the fun, festive traditions that come with the season. A favorite fall hobby is the craft of food canning. While the practice of canning dates back hundreds of years, a recent spike in its popularity is sparking modern canning trends. This year try utilizing mobile apps and technology to give this time-honored tradition new life.

For canning beginners, the Mother Nature app offers simple explanations and information on how to can more than 10 different fruits and vegetables. To make canning even more foolproof, the app provides charts illustrating processing times, which provide valuable insights for beginners. For food canning pros deciding between water bath or pressure canning, the Epicurious app provides advice on how to make homemade jellies and jams and shares recipes from others all over the globe.

Food canning has even gone social. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram offer a surplus of canning ideas beyond the typical jellies, jams and pickles. For example, salad layering has become a popular alternative to the classic brown-bag lunch. Individuals can prepare up to a week’s worth of delicious meals for work or school, saving them from having to rely on takeout or cafeteria food. For those seeking a little indulgence, the layering trend also extends into the dessert course.

When it comes to finding ingredients for your canning cuisine, local farmers markets are the ideal destinations, and fresh, seasonal produce often makes for the most flavorful finished products. For those not familiar with farmers markets in their town, Farmstand can help locate ones nearby and you can get directions on the go via your smartphone or tablet.

After the canning is complete, decorate the jar and add personalized labels. Homemade foods in decorated and customized jars can also be personal and inexpensive holiday gift ideas.

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