GoPro is One Tough Mudder

True Tough Mudders, Spartans and Savages relish the roughest challenges. Swimming icy water, scampering through briar patches, scaling barbed wire, suffering electric shocks and – for sure – slogging through mud.

These punishing obstacles deliver a mighty beating to a participant’s body and mind, and are way too rough for typical electronics.

The GoPro HERO3 camera, however, is designed to withstand harsh conditions and capture high-quality video and photos for Mudders hoping to document and share their toughest triumphs.

GoPro HERO3 comes with a hard protective housing that makes it waterproof to almost 200 feet under the surface. Yet, it is small and light at only 2.6 ounces, with various mounting and strap options so competitors won’t get bogged down.

In addition to taking high-definition video and stills, GoPro HERO3 also provides high-tech controls and integration for sharing on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Tampa’s Kenny Quirk competed in a recent mud run wearing the GoPro headstrap, capturing first-person video while scaling walls, enduring fiendish obstacles and moving through mud, all under the searing Florida sun.

"It’s often hard to remember some of the challenges because you get so caught up in the moment, but the GoPro helps you recall, relive and then share that experience with ‘less adventurous’ friends,” Quirk said. “You never know exactly what wild test might be around the next turn. That’s what makes these events so popular – even when they are so painful.”

Tough Mudder is based on British Special Forces training to test mental and physical strength, and has become one of the world’s fastest growing action sports. More than a million Mudders have registered with Tough Mudder to share their stories, scrapes, struggles and successes. Savage runs, Spartan races and other weekend warrior variations also part of the growing tough trend.

No matter what kind of muddy marauder you might be, the GoPro HERO3 is tough enough to capture the memories.