Howard Silverman: A Verizon Wireless Customer 30 Years Strong

While many older Americans haven’t embraced new technology as quickly as the younger population, there are some, such as Howard Silverman, who have jumped in eagerly.

In fact, Silverman, 75, is so tech-forward that he was one of the first people in the city of Chicago to get a mobile phone. He was also among Verizon Wireless’ first customers and remains dedicated to the company to this day.

It was back in October 1983, the same month that the first commercial cell phone call was made, that Howard signed up for a car phone with GTE Wireless. Howard was the CEO of a banking organization in Chicago and spent a long time commuting in his car, so the need for a “mobile phone” was essential. GTE would later merge with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon Wireless in 2000.

“I’ve always been interested in whatever new technology is coming out and how it can benefit my day-to-day life,” said Howard. “I suppose you could say I’m pretty tech-oriented. At one point I owned an original Apple computer.”

Howard, who lived and commuted between Dune Acres, Ind., and Chicago during his time as a bank CEO, needed a phone provider with reliable service.

“At the time my wife and I moved, Verizon Wireless was the only provider with service that actually worked in that area,” said Howard. “My family has been with Verizon ever since.”

Howard, now retired, is always keeping up on the latest and greatest smartphones and currently has a Samsung Galaxy S4 in his pocket. He not only uses the device for calls and email but also has it loaded with more than a dozen apps for everything from banking to weather to news. He enjoys downloading music on his smartphone and frequently hooks it up to his sound system for outdoor parties.

“Now that I’m retired it really does everything I need it to,” said Howard. “I find that because of my smartphone, I do not use my computer as much as I used to.”

Howard embraced a new technology back in 1983, and it kept him connected during a successful business career. Now, as he enjoys his retirement and works with local community nonprofits, Howard remains a satisfied Verizon Wireless customer.

“It all comes down to service,” said Howard. “And that’s really what kept me with Verizon for this long.”