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Thanksgiving with a Latin Twist

When it comes to Thanksgiving, families across the U.S. enjoy customizing the traditional holiday meal. For some, sizzling up Thanksgiving dishes with Latin ingredients has become a tradition.

Since moving to Los Angeles, blogger Natalia Carter from (Eating in L.A.) usually prepares Thanksgiving dinners that incorporate dishes from her beloved Colombia. “Every Thanksgiving, my family combines the traditional dishes with Latin recipes,” said Carter. “It really wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without my lechón asado (roasted pork) or pumpkin natilla (pumpkin custard)!”

Using video chat technology like Facetime, Skype or BBM Chat from your smartphone, you can communicate with loved ones for some serious recipe sharing. Call your tía in Miami to learn how to prepare her delicious chipotle baked yams or your hermano in Chicago, who has a delicious Mexican spice mix to season your turkey.

Social cooking apps like Allthecooks for Android or Apple devices can help you find recipe ideas with Latin flavors and provide recommendations from other app users. Other mobile apps, like Thanksgiving Menu Maker for iOS, can assist you in customizing your holiday menu with pumpkin desserts beyond pies as well as regionally-inspired menus.

So start your own tradition and add some unexpected dishes to your menu with a south of the border twist like chipotle mashed sweet potatoes. What will you be trying this year?