Tech Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

If holiday gift lists prove anything, it’s that one size rarely fits all. What interests your parent may not generate the same enthusiasm from your teen. This reality is true especially when giving mobile devices and accessories as gifts. 

The members of one particular family, despite their varied interests, all have one thing in common: the love of mobile technology.

Here, the matriarch of the family, Andi Ferguson, provides the lowdown on what her family members are hoping to find under the tree. Andi works for the public relations firm Wordsworth Communications, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and leads the Verizon Wireless account for the Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia Region.

Andi’s family members include a preteen, teenager, spouse, parents and pets. Each has a smartphone (well, not the dogs) and hopeful they’ll soon be unwrapping the latest gadget or accessory this holiday.

Andi’s father, for example, is 74 years old and very active, so an activity tracker that helps him view real-time stats such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and stairs climbed is right up his alley. “My dad still plays tennis twice a week and bikes frequently,” Andi said. “The Fitbit is the perfect accessory for him. It’s easy to use and will allow him to track his fitness progress.”

What about her preteen daughter and teenaged son? Those who are selecting gifts for this age group know they are a challenge to buy for. Andi has learned from her daughter that girls her age swap things. Whether it’s clothes, makeup or accessories, girls and their friends will share, trade, borrow or loan their favorite items. “My daughter and her friends particularly enjoy trading phone cases, which come in a huge variety of colors and designs,” said Andi. “Stuffing her stocking with a few of these will bring a smile to her face and help her during her next swap.”

Andi’s teenaged son is always on the go and his phone is in constant need of a charge. A portable charger like the LG Wireless Charging Pad is a great and affordable way to keep his smartphone running and connected. “With our son always on the move, we want to be sure his phone is working when he needs it and when we need to reach him,” Andi said.

Andi’s husband is interested in having the latest devices, so a new smartphone is high on his list this year. She plans to personalize the device by downloading some apps she knows he’ll love. “My husband is a do-it-yourself type when it comes to home repairs. When he unwraps his new smartphone, he will also get the added surprise of some great DIY apps, like Home Depot, already loaded onto his phone,” she said.

Last (but not least) on Andi’s list are her beloved dogs. Her family has three rescue dogs who “rule the household.” According to Andi, “Without fail, one of them slips through the fence at least four times a year.” This holiday season, Andi’s most rambunctious of the trio, Hazel, is getting a Tagg Pet Tracker to ensure she stays close to home and out of harm’s way.

Andi has some great gift ideas for her family members and recommends “thinking about each person’s interests and finding that gift that only supports those interests.”