Tech to Balance College Life in the Second Semester

New Year’s resolutions are tough to keep for just about everyone, especially if you’re a college student who is also tackling new classes, professors and work loads with the start of your second semester. This year, technology comes to the rescue to help you organize your schedule, health, dorm room and life.

Dorm rooms are notorious for getting and staying messy; living, sleeping and studying in a 10x14 cube is the perfect recipe for a cluttered mess. The ION Air Copy Wireless Scanner is the tool needed to help keep college living spaces neat, orderly and organized. This tool lets you scan the pictures, class notes and practice tests you have spread across your dorm and send them wirelessly to your computer as a high-quality digital copy. Once they’re on your computer, you can sort the documents according to your own personal system.

Stress piles on while in college; if you aren’t stressed about a class or exam, you’re stressed about finances or how the sports team will play against its in-state rival. The best way to curb stress is through exercise and the right amount of sleep. You’ve heard it said before, but eight hours of sleep is a key to helping improve concentration in college classes. The Fitbit Force can guide you to a healthier lifestyle. It is is a wristband that will help you keep track of and organize your activity and sleeping habits. If you wear the wristband to bed, a vibrating alarm will even wake you at your desired time. No more missing those early morning classes.

College years are where lots of fun is had, seemingly on the smallest budget possible. Keeping up with finances can be a time-consuming and stressful task. The LifeLock Wallet app is a direct link to the financial organizational tool The tool will help you stay on track with your finances even while you are on the go. Now you don’t have to stay home on Friday night to go over bills with your parents; just download the app and let it organize your finances.

Staying aware of due dates is one of the hardest tasks in college: paper due tomorrow, group assignment due in two weeks, capstone project due during final class period. The iProcrastinate app will help you steer clear of missing deadlines and due dates. This app syncs wirelessly with your computer or Dropbox to keep your tasks at the tip of your finger no matter where you are. 

College life keeps you always on the go, plugged in and connected while you race from class to the library to the football stadium and study groups. In this day and age having a dead phone is simply not acceptable. The LG Wireless Charging Pad will come in handy second semester and will keep your phone charged anywhere so you always have access to class schedules and due dates.

These smart accessories and apps can help you keep resolutions past the first week of class and throughout the year. So when finals come around, you can focus on acing that test and leave the rest to the technology at hand.